STOLLA new breakthrough in cycling technology with potential to improve overall riding experience, the ultimate grip for your mountain bike adventures!

Whether you’re hitting the trails for an epic ride or shredding through the gnarliest terrain, our lock-on grips will help you stay in control and conquer any challenge in comfort


the trail

Designed and patented with advanced technology and tested by riders, Stolla grips offer better comfort, support, and durability. With our grips, you can push your limits and enjoy the ride of your life.


Oblong Shape
Offers more natural hand position and grip for reducing hand fatigue.
Air Plenum
Boasts an innovative air-cushioned membrane that enhances rider comfort.
Constructed with a robust polymer material offering increased durability.
Floating Grip
Incorporates an advanced internal shock attenuation system, reducing impact on hands, wrists and arms.

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any terrain

Better Control

Attenuate forces and impacts with better control and stability.


A flexible membrane and soft, durable polymer material to provide a comfortable ride.


Impact attenuator that absorbs perpendicular impacts even on the toughest terrains.

Innovative design

Patent pending technology.